Link to Challengers' PDF Proxy Card and Voting Instruction Form

Link to Challengers' Text Proxy Card and Voting Instruction Form


Received after 12:00 pm PDT on Monday, May 10, 2004...


If you are a participant in the Alaska Air Group, Inc. Alaskasaver Plan, the Alaska Airlines, Inc., COPS, MRP & Dispatch 401(k) Plan, the Alaska Airlines, Inc., Flight Attendant 401(k) Plan, or the Horizon Air Savings Investment Plan (together, the "Plans") , you have the right to direct Putnam Fiduciary Trust Company as trustee of the Plans to vote any shares of Alaska Air Group, Inc. stock credited to your account under the Plans. You may provide instructions by completing the proxy card found on this website and mailing it to:

Alaska Air Group, Inc.
c/o EquiServe Trust Company, N.A., Proxy Services
P.O. Box 8694 Edison, NJ 08818-8694

Please include the voting control number from the proxy card you received from EquiServe for your Plan shares and write at the top of the proxy card "401(k) Shares".

This address should be used only to provide voting instructions for shares held in your Plan account. It should not be used for proxies on shares you own directly.

All voting instructions must be received by the close of business on May 13, 2004.

EquiServe will forward any challenger proxy cards it receives by May 13, 2004 to PFTC for tabulation. Once these cards have been tabulated and validated, PFTC will then vote the shares as directed by the participants.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this matter, please call Jennifer Proffit at 1-800-685-6474, extension 12330.