Carl Olson has been a stockowner advocate for thirty years and is Chairman of Fund For Stockowners Rights. Stockowners need to assert their interests through annual director elections, proxy proposals, and revision of unfairly restrictive laws and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and other agencies.

His stockowner proposals have included:
1. Secret ballots
2. Requirement for opposition statements for management proposals
3. Position statements from nominees for director in the proxy statement
4. Allow each director to have a research assistant
5. Explanation in the proxy statement as to the exact legal significance of the vote on each item on the agenda
6. Eliminate stock buybacks for the few, and paying cash dividends to all
7. Publish a listing of all the taxes that the corporation pays
8. Disclose the financial resources of the outside auditors for malpractice, negligence, and fraud
9. Eliminate poison pills
10.Allow corporate expenditures for proxy solicitations only up to quorum

His resolutions have resulted in secret ballots at Chase Manhattan and Occidental Petroleum, and explanations in Occidental Petroleum’s proxy statement as to the exact legal significance of each vote.

The airline industry is particularly subject to outside forces that burden the management, employees, and stockowners. These include excessive regulations, sky-high price of fuel, and unfair airport fees, among others.

Mr. Olson earned a B. A. (Economics-Engineering) at Pomona College (California) in 1966, a M.S. (Journalism) at Columbia University in 1968, and a M.B.A. (Accounting) at Columbia University in 1969. He teaches accounting as an adjunct professor at California National University.

You may feel free to contact him at:

P. O. Box 6102
Woodland Hills, California 91365

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